We recently collaborated with a New York based startup, Pivot helping solve some some real world issues in emerging economies. It's a product we are extremely proud to have worked upon because of the potential impact on the bottom of the pyramid economy. Probably this is what inclusive development and making world a better place looks like.

Places in emerging economies like Africa, India, Brazil, China usually don't have proper addresses thereby causing friction and huge costs in delivering services like E-Commerce, On Demand Delivery, Banking, Land Records, Govt. Schemes.

Thus we came up with "Shareable short code for Addresses". They can be easily integrated with other services and improves efficiency in delivery of those services.

You may argue we have Google Maps and they work great for navigation. True for developed world with structured roads and places. Try finding an address in places like these.


Only a native of that area can know the true address of that place. What's scarier is that these places usually don't have proper internet connectivity too with networks going on and off.

Economic Impact of Inefficiencies at the last mile
Last Mile has always been the most costly leg in deliveries costing usually 40-50% of the overall cost. Continously changing routes, fuel prices, bad customer experience, costly returns, untracked addresses - These are some of the major issues affecting the global supply chain. And the cost associated due to these inefficiences is too huge to be neglected.

Pivot is one such startup solving these last mile problems at scale for the world.

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