We have been working lately with an innovative Startup based out of India.  They are building Testing Suite for AI/ML products. Lack of a standardised testing solution for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning products leave a critical gap in quality of final products/services. The impact of issues which might be created due to failure or misbehaving of such AI systems could be disastrous. TestAIng makes AI systems real world ready. They help the customers by testing process including automation.

There offering is cutting edge and well received by both Enterprises - Tech Startups and IT Services worldwide.  

We worked alongside Dr. Srinivas (AI/ML Expert) & Vipeul ji (Testing/QA Expert), the co-founders with vast experience and background in advanced Tech Startups. It was a wonderful learning experience for us and taught us a lot of wonderful things about navigating deep technologies, Team building/managing, grooming & retaining Talent and scaling Tech products in general.

  • Polygot Technologies - Python, React, Scripting
  • Scaling Tech Products leveraging cross functional teams.
  • Mentoring & Guiding Fresh Developers.
  • Designing Scalable Technology Architecture & Processes.
  • Detailed Documentation for managing client servicing processes.  

Tech Stack

  • React, MongoDB, Parse Server, Sendgrid, AWS, Nginx, Docker, Jenkins, Ghost CMS, Python, Miniconda, Mailchimp, Bash Scripting, Windows Server, Ubuntu